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Whether you are a fitness pro or just a conscious eater or simply the one who is beginning a new healthy lifestyle.
I can get you the solutions to your health needs.

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Hi, I am Tanisha.

I am a Biotechnologist and a Gut health mentor.

Both of which is not just because of my love for science but also for the nature, especially the Gut Microbiome. I would love to tell you about how I can help you to attain the best of your Gut Health, but that might take a bit too long. So I am just going to give you a gist of what I believe in and if you feel you resonate with me, I would simply love to be a part of your health journey.

Food can either be a medicine or a slow Poison

Our Body is a chemistry lab ,and  it’s all about the chemicals produced and inhibited and a lot of that is do with the health of your mighty Gut. Every bite you take sends a signal to your brain from your gut. Your food can not only effect your gut health but also your mental health because of the well know Gut-brain axis. And if you are stressed and not sleeping well, no matter how well you eat, your gut can be in a state of distress. Especially when I became a mother of two kids, just observing the biological changes gave me an insight into knowing more about gut healing and very conscious about eating habits and now I am helping many others towards the same.

Its not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change

Fad diets can make you lose weight, but they do not focus on healing the gut. it’s the variety of foods which we eat and the lifestyle change which can drastically impact the health overall.

Therefore we have a program in place for you if you are someone who not only wants to lose weight but also repair your gut and work towards it going forward. It’s a Lifestyle change and that’s why it’s a sustainable weight loss. I believe that the knowledge about what you are doing can help in making changes which last and even if you are  indulging now and then on foods which make your soul happy, you learn trick to maintain the weight loss.

I can understand how challenging a weight loss journey can be and it totally needs a mentor to keep one accountable and motivated. I feel utmost happiness when seeing a positive change in someone’s self-confidence when they achieve their weight loss goal.

Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well.

My personal journey of  rosacea and acne prone skin made me look deep into the collagen and its science. And now I drink it with my eyes closed as I am so grateful for it. Not only it has changed the way I feel about my skin and slowed the ageing process, but also the way my joints , my gut and my hair feel. I would insist you have a look at the before and afters and send me a message to get your collagen, my Liquid Gold.

Warm Regards,

Tanisha Vedhara


A quote by Buddha is what I believe!

 “What you think you create.

What you feel you attract.

What you imagine you become.”

Anamika Sarkar

Thanks Tanisha Vedhara for the right guidance and support I needed during the time. I really wanted to know the science behind the weight loss with the regular food intake along with my regular exercise regime. This program has opened up so many secrets about the food we take on daily basis and how the right combination of vegetables and Proteins give you the nutrition our body needs to function properly. I must say thay the initial detox process is really really hard and at one point I thought of giving up but then somehow I kept going believing in the program and myself as it’s worth it!!

Shivani Tewari

This has been such a long awaited & heartfelt thank you note for my very smart, super hard working & fantabulous mentor Tanisha!! I did the program in September & October last year. I had so many doubts & trust issues before I started but when I looked at it – I felt at ease as they were asking me to eat veggies. so many of them, good clean protein and then clean health supplements. Tanisha just made it easy – offering me alternatives when I felt worried, had questions or to always encourage me and keep me up. I was not an easy mentee. I asked way too many questions, but she always found me answers – gave me logical explanation and stuck with me. I can definitely say, if it was not for her – I would not have completed this successfully.

Thanks to the program but from my heart even bigger thanks to my super star mentor Tanisha! You are the best and I could do it because you were there for me.


Honestly, I have to say I never knew the programme would work that I would be able to get back into my old jeans comfortably. I normally try and hide my weight behind baggy jumpers and my height! Last 12 months I have eaten badly and not been in good health at times, but the programme certainly has got me back on track.

Hina Hussain

Hey Tanisha, I agree that it is not all about numbers on the scales but more about the motivation. I am not quite finished with the program yet, but I feel the difference in my health, mobility, activity and well-being. The food is very healthy, exercising twice a day has freshened me immensely. I’m showing off my inch loss. Especially when people admire my weight loss. I’m really happy with the motivation from the program.

Elizabeth Farhat-Nicholson

Tanisha was an amazing mentor. I struggle to manage making sure I get a balance of all the nutrients I need, living with celiac disease. I chose this programme to help me eat myself healthy and I did lose my target weight. I feel great and have had no pain for weeks. Managed mono eating definitely worked for me after trying so many other things. If you decide to do this, you’ll get lots of support. Healthy gut = happy mind. Good luck.

Nupur Chugh

Thankyou Tanish for your support throughout Journey.
I was very confused with this program if it would work or not but thanks for no disappointment with this program🙏🏻
Though there were few ups & downs like few days no loss but lucky to have mentor like you who always there to boost moral.

This program has helped me to understand my body and now I have learned how you can enjoy healthy meals too❤

Shama Lalani

Thanks so much Tanisha!

I’ll definitely be using the inside out collagen protocol for life! It’s wonderful! ❤️🥰

Weight Loss Plan 1

Duration: 30 days plus 14 days maintenance.

You must be wondering how people on this plan are getting such great results? And how does it really work?

I believe weight loss is 80% nutrition and only 20% exercise, so while you are simply going for walks, this nutrition plan will do the rest.

This is no magic, I have put together an amazing meal plan which comprises simple home-made foods along with good high quality nutritional supplements your body would need to sustain and not be cranky while you are working on your body!

You will have 3 meals, 2 snacks and plenty of water and never starve on this plan. As starving makes you gain weight not lose.  You will eat low calorific value but highly nutritious foods which will work towards repairing your gut and giving it a rest and the weight loss comes naturally.

Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, eat meats or have an Indian food taste, we have got you covered. With the variety of recipes provided on this plan, you will never run out of ideas.

Why we call it a Gut Detox?

Over years and years of us eating all sorts of foods, processed, junk, dairy, different cuisines. We accumulate a lot of sludge in our gut which needs scrubbing off and that needs a good 2-4 weeks of clean eating accompanied by some good nutrition. Inflamed gut or leaky gut, we can turn it around in as little as a week of healthy eating. Once we detox our liver off the toxins, we feel the skin getting better, the energy levels gone higher, the moods alleviated, these are just a few of many good side effects healthy eating can show.

Weight Loss Plan 2

Duration: 90 days flexible weight management plan.

Don’t want to stick to a meal plan? Want more flexibility?

Can’t give up on carbs? We do a 90 days weight management programme, where you can be naughty over the weekends while being good during the weeks and still attain a great inch loss and lose weight.

I will help you to develop three lifestyle habits and you will be monitoring your weight and inches on a monthly basis.

The Nutritional products involved are the ones which give the best metabolism boost to your body while nourishing (the gut and skin) and detoxing it.

When it comes to Skincare, one needs to know all about Collagen, a protein produced by our body. Collagen is an essential component for skin, bones and muscles of our body. Collagen influences your skin’s elasticity and benefits in the hydration of the skin – which contributes to a well-maintained skin.

1. What causes loss of collagen?

Collagen tissues support the formation of bones, tendons, and cartilage. However, you can lose collagen in your body due to exposure to uv light, smoking, excessive intake of sugar, and ageing.

2. How do you increase collagen in your body?

The quickest way to increase collagen is to take a collagen supplement. However not all collagen supplements are created equally. I personally prefer to know the source of the collagen, it’s potency & absorption rate.

3. Why does this matter?

Most collagen supplements never make it past the enzymes in your stomach. The molecules are too big to be absorbed & your stomach enzymes break them down rendering them useless and never reaching your skin, joints, hair or bones.

Luckily, I’ve found the perfect combination with the highest potency & absorption rate. It has been life changing not only for myself but my family, friends & clients. Just like foods, Collagen is a protein and to show its visible effects it needs to be taken for at least 90 days.

With our amazing 90 days skincare program, you will achieve a healthier skin from inside out with extra benefits of gut repair, better hair growth and improved joint health.

The collagen drink alone is super effective and its known to improve the skin hydration by 6000% by 28 days alone.

With 37 clinical trials and 7 international patents, this is not average collagen. It is the closest anyone has ever got to the human collagen and is most importantly bioavailable.

The collagen / HA matrix along with Chondroitin sulphate makes it super exclusive and a lot more effective for overall cell repair. The absorption rate is 98% , that makes it almost like an intravenous.

Now if this is not enough to convince you, here are some before and afters of clients who have used it for the minimum of 90 days and which will blow your mind away.


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